Telstra Australian Business Awards Nominees!

TOTLD Design is shortlisted for the Telstra Australian Business Awards 2014!

This is a little more of an appreciation post, to thank the great clients who have shared our passion for design.

We like to think we deliver fantastic results to all our clients, whether it be web design, brand, motion graphics, or 3D. Often the easier it looks from the outside, the more work has gone into making things feel effortless.

Thanks to an anonymous nomination we find ourselves shortlisted for the Telstra Aussie Business Awards for 2014. The finalists’ process is extremely long and informational, so we’re hoping to find time to provide the necessary details to continue. Either way, we are proud that our work has encouraged someone to nominate us for excellence in our field.

As always, we look to grow and improve. Here’s to a productive 2014 and helping many more businesses out-do their goals!

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