3D Modelling in Architecture: Viz is the Future

Architectural visualization could be the most important aspect of architecture, landscape and urban design in the 21st century. Seeing a 3D virtual model has come to be expected from clients of architectural projects, and is a great way to portray the relationship of spaces, weight, materials and mood of your design.

Both Toms at TOTLD have completed a Bachelor of Design Studies (Architecture Major/Digital Media Major) at the University of Adelaide. This means we are well-versed in reading working drawings, and creating 3D representations.

Does your architectural firm need to out-source 3DS Max viz work? Are you a lone architect or designer in need of some 3D assistance?


Flexibility in Advertisement with 3D Animation

3D lends itself well to advertising, for a number of reasons. The most important ones from a business perspective are simple: cost, and flexibility.

3D animation allows you the client to do away with the huge costs of live-footage production. No sets, no camera-men or film, no lighting…you get the point. It’s also extremely versatile, since there are no laws of physics or human limitations to hold it back. Your ideas can be realised.

We love captivating through characters and connecting through animation. Are you looking to advertise with video online or with TV? It’s important to be different!

Get in touch, and we can discuss how 3D could work for you.

Music Video goes 3D

Like most people, we love music. What’s the best way to take an audio track and turn it into a promotional powerhouse for your music?

A cool, memorable music video! 3D is a great way to stand out, and tell a story that might be a little left-of-centre.

With social media becoming a great way to share videos with YouTube and Vimeo, there’s never been a better time to turn your track into a visual feast.

Short Film, Your Film and 3D Animation

Short film is a great medium for young film-makers and creatives to produce great cinema on a smaller (and cheaper) scale. We love working on short film projects because they’re all about story-telling, and we’re suckers for a well-told tale.

3D animation is a great tool for achieving things in film that would otherwise be near-impossible. The scope is limited by imagination.

Have you got a short film project that needs some 3D? Are you looking for someone local to collaborate? We’d love to hear about your film, your vision and how we can help.


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