Graphics in Motion, Kinetic Typography and Cool Stuff

Motion graphics take what would be a piece of text, or a motion-less image, and turn it into a dynamic visual. Film, television and online video all make use of motion graphics for captivating movement where there might otherwise be a very plain still.

The treatment of an element’s motion can contribute to – or completely change – the way its perceived. Cool, exciting typography or graphics are a great way to grab and keep the interest of your audience.

Are you putting together video for your business, or working on a film project? Wondering how it might demand attention? We can help.

Breathe life into commentary or narration, spruce up titles, create a professional logo animation – just a few of the ways we can help you impress.


Post-Production: Turning Pieces Into a Whole

Post-production includes the editing, audio, colour correction, grading, and lots of other things to turn a bunch of video into a cohesive piece of film.

That means we can also fully edit and post-produce any animation or visual FX we provide. The real value of post-production is in distilling the message and feel of the original concept, so keeping it in-house is a great way to make sure your ideas don’t get lost along the way.

Have you got a vision for your video advertising or online campaign? Maybe its just an idea that you’d love to flesh out.

We can help turn them into great final products, from start to finish!

Using Visual FX For Good, Not Evil

Visual FX can be pretty exciting. Exploding stuff (like the background on this page), smoke, fire, particles, you name it.

With such versatility and vibrance, FX can introduce a dash of cool to the most rudimentary video.

Need more than a dash? No problem. We’re all about solutions.

Wanting to add some bells and whistles, some 3D elements, or have some other neat ideas?

Talk to us! We love making things that look super cool, and we bet you do too. Let’s make it happen.


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