adelaide sustainable building network


This wonderful group of even more wonderful volunteers advocates positive action towards sustainable built environments in South Australia. We jumped at the opportunity to redevelop their logo, build a brand and continue to work with the ASBN on a wide range of projects.

A major goal was to make the brand more simple and versatile, while coming into line with the organisation's future-focused values. We worked with structural forms and clean fonts, developing an engaging green colour palette and graphics to be used brand-wide.

Since conception, we have worked with briefs from the ASBN team across digital media, print and web development.

Our ongoing relationship with the ASBN has allowed us to implement the brand across a range of media, and also offer guidance for their staff to implement the brand themselves in-house.

Each year we work with the ASBN to make the Green Book: a free guide to SA's organisations providing solutions for sustainable built environments. As of 2019, there is a Green Book Online to boot.

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