ethos strength

thebarton, south australia

Ethos Strength are dedicated strength coaches, determined to help clients find themselves and their true potential.

Head Coach Sam Hall has been building a dedicated client-base in the world of powerlifting for some time now. Sam approached our team to develop a brand that best reflected the strength and conviction of Ethos, without falling into the many clichés of the fitness industry.

Ethos represents strength of body and mind through training, core values and education, so we left the dumbbells and biceps off the mood board. Bold and sharp, the Ethos logomark invokes a broader design language that we've rolled out across web, print and merchandise.

Ethos is also about continuing to learn. Trainers and coaches can always know more to be better. We've augmented the Ethos website with a flexible eLearning for go-anywhere access to Sam's exceptional education resources.


By keeping brand, web and peripheral development under one roof, key visual cues and motifs are consistent across all implementations to build a memorable client experience. In short: teamwork made the dream work.


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