living the green

sustainable lawns and gardens

Turns out those loud, smoky petrol guzzling lawn-mowers and leaf-blowers are about as bad for the air around us as you might guess. Your average Joe can see to your unkempt greenery, but at what (environmental) cost?

Matt and Campbell from Living The Green are a step ahead. Battery-powered everything, carving up hedges and tidying edges in a state of zen silence. Okay, not quite, but it’s close, and it’s way more sustainable.

Our brand development leans into purpose, simplicity and, of course, the green. Iconography and patterning flows from the work ute to web and socials, where Living The Green captures the attention of a more mindful generation of garden-havers.

Check out the LTG website here or go direct to Instagram if that's your cuppa green tea.


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